petits fours class at dragonfly cakes

Petits Fours Class at Dragonfly Cakes

Look at these gorgeous petits fours! I’m still in complete awe that I made these. Okay, okay. Dragonfly Cakes made them, but I dipped and decorated them. Thanks to Groupon and the lovely Momster, I attended a class on how to make petits fours: Groupon for the half off coupon and the Momster because of her “I’ll pay for cooking classes if you send me the recipes and tips” rule. Both are pretty sweet deals if you ask me.
 Petits Fours Class at Dragonfly Cakes
The petits fours class was held in Sausalito in the commercial kitchen of Dragonfly Cakes. The instructor was as knowledgeable as she was charming, just as the petits fours were as delicious as they were adorable. The class started off with a start to finish demonstration of constructing the cake, buttercream, jam and marzipan layers. Tips for success were given throughout and Dragonfly Cakes was kind enough to share their absolutely amazing recipes with the participants.
Once the cakes were constructed, a quick demo on dipping and decorating was given before participants were let loose to put the finishing touches on their own tiny treats. I’m still amazed that we were given so many petits fours to practice on. When all was said and done, each participant took home two boxes {roughly two dozen!} of their hand dipped and decorated petits fours.

Petits Fours Class at Dragonfly Cakes

If you are in the Bay Area, I highly recommend signing up for one of the many petits fours classes that Dragonfly Cakes has to offer. Their pastry chefs/instructors are extremely knowledgable, their recipes are worth their weight in gold and you’re guaranteed to have a sweet time. These classes would also make a fun gift to enjoy with the ladies in your life: bridal parties, best friends and, of course, Moms.
If you are not in the Bay Area, you can still indulge in these tiny sweets by ordering Dragonfly Cakes online. Petits fours collections are available for any occasion and custom orders are also welcome. Do yourself a favor and sweeten your next event with petits fours from Dragonfly Cakes!

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