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30 before 30

Join me in my culinary adventures as I cross these items off of my 30 Before 30 bucket list:

To Make:
Buttermilk Pie 
Fruit Tart 
Pecan Pralines 
Steamed Dumplings

To Eat:
Afternoon Tea at the Ritz 
Authentic Butter Beer - Hogwartz 
Blue Bell Cotton Candy Ice Cream 
Brunch at Eclipse Chocolat 
Cups - La Jolla 
Franklin BBQ - Austin 
Lauduree Macarons 
Secret Cookie Service Delivery 
Traditional Dim Sum 

To Do:
Grill Outdoors 
Host a Brunch 
Join a Local CSA 
Learn Canning 
Start an Herb Garden 
Take a Cooking Class focused on Meat 
Take a Knife Skills Class 
Take a Pastry Class 
Take a Photography Class 


ali said...

Your list is inspiring. I'm over 30, but it was cool to check things off your list for myself. I've made nearly your whole list, only eaten traditional dim sum, and done everything except the classes.

Good luck! I recommend all of them!

Opasna said...

I'm one month over 40, but really like your list and idea.
I could help you on Baklava and Hummus - the rest is on your own (so far :-))

Kimmie Schiffel said...

Thanks, Opasna, for your link! I can't wait to check out your hummus and Baklava recipes. =)