cotton candy cupcakes


While browsing World Market, I came across this all inclusive Cotton Candy Cupcake mix from Jo Cupcake. I was slightly skeptical of how the cupcakes might turn out, but it was just too cute not to buy. I have been holding on to the mix waiting for the perfect occasion to make such whimsical cupcakes and finally had plans perfectly suited for these adorable treats.


The kit includes everything you need to get started in baking these perfectly pink cotton candy cupcakes. Pink vanilla cake mix, pink cotton candy frosting mix, pink sparkling sugar and cotton candy ‘cupcake aprons.’ To make the cake you’ll need to add water, oil and an egg white to the mix and to make the frosting you just need to add butter, milk and powdered sugar. All ingredients are pretty standard in our household so this didn’t require any special trips to the grocery store.


The cake turned out lovely – light, moist and a lovely shade of deep pink. I found that the frosting recipe provided had two issues, it was way too sweet and didn’t make nearly enough frosting to actually pipe onto the cupcakes. To rectify, I simply doubled the butter and powdered sugar and added a tablespoon of vanilla. Now it was perfect; light, fluffy and delicious. {and pink!} Sadly, my kit was missing the pink sparkling sugar and I had just run out of my stash after making the Peeps pops. The provided aprons were so cute that the cupcakes were still quite presentable even without their sparkles.


Tonight, I will be joining this lovely lady and her sweet children, Enzo and Baby Maria, for a pizza dinner in the city. I was so inspired by this beautiful picture of Damaris to create a recipe with cotton candy {how could you not be?!} and am beyond excited to share these cupcakes with Damaris and her family this evening. I even baked half of them in coordinating green liners because I hear that is Enzo’s favorite color these days. I hope they love them!

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