New Kid On The Block – The ‘Beyond Diet’ Online Program


The Beyond Diet Program is a membership program that was started 10 years back by fitness and nutrition coach Isabel De Los Rios and Jeff Siegel. Both of them are also authors of multiple successful fitness books.

The Beyond Diet Program requires a onetime payment and a lifetime membership, which is much more affordable than the usual diet plans that require a monthly fee.

According to many beyond diet reviews, the online diet program works on the following basic principles:

  1. Every person is fundamentally different and requires a different type of weight loss structure.
  2. Both diet and exercise are an integral part of the weight loss process, although the beyond diet program can do with little exercise as well.
  3. It is always better to be in contact with people who are trying to lose weight, i.e. are in the same boat as you and hence understand your situation.
  4. A weight loss program should be easy to stick to and hence shouldn’t make you sacrifice all the good tasting food.

The beyond diet program essentially regulates one’s eating habits, the time frame in which to eat and the type of food one eats. It hence does not advocate starvation, but believes in healthy eating.

beyond diet new program

On the face of it this should thus be a harmless way of losing weight without compromising on individual health.

In the next few sections of this article we will try to determine whether Beyond Diet is actually as healthy as it claims to be.


The popular review of the diet program reveals two basic shortfalls in the process –

There is no prescribed workout regime or exercise to complement the program. The package is a food-only thing and does not include any workout tips or guidelines. The workout packet has to be purchased separately.

Now it is common knowledge as well as proven by a big research study that a program involving both diet and workout will give much better results than one with just a diet plan. A buyer thus expects certain basic guidelines if not detailed instructions as to the workout regime, but there is absolutely no workout guide whatsoever.

The Beyond Diet program is also not of much help in cases where the people might slip into binge eating or give in to bouts of cravings.

Although it is an accepted fact that no amount of diet plans can work unless the person exercises self-constraint, but a certain deterrent or remedy is always welcome in the diet program that one is following.


There is speculation in the market that this name, Beyond Diet, was actually the name of a book written by one Martin Katanh of Vanderbilt, which had proved to be an excellent guide to weight loss with numerous success stories mushrooming every day.

Thus a lot of people enrolled for the current program assuming that it was in continuation of or modelled on or related to the book. However, there is apparently no connection between the two.

The Beyond Diet Program has received mixed reviews online, with a few people singing praises of the product, while the others consider it useless and a waste of time and money.

One thing that is common among most reviews is that the diet is a basic compilation of most of the tips about dieting that are available online in or in other books, albeit in a scattered manner.

It is thus possible that if you spend a little extra time combing through diet books and internet articles, you may be able to get all the information without having to pay the fee.

A lot of people have also voiced complaints of how the Beyond Diet newsletters and videos as well as the website is designed in a way that they keep pushing forward new products of their own and most of these members are billed by default for all of these products, making the cost of the program much higher than originally advertised.

A few people have also termed it to be a scam in that they charge you a nominal fee to gain entry and provide you with generic information and then keep you motivated to push forward and to gain markets for their products.

A multitude of members have also registered login problems on the website which prevents them from accessing their instructions and program details, and a lot of new people are put off by the idea and hence do not want to invest in the program.

However, there are a few avid supporters of the program who swear by the diet program and claim to have seen tremendously positive results from following the diet.

These people are extremely happy with the way the diet has shaped their weight loss efforts and are mostly impresses with the fact that they were able to shed pounds in a healthy manner just by regulating their diets and without any physical workouts.

A lot of people were also impressed by the fact that Beyond Diet does not prescribe any massive changes that may take time getting used to, or may prove too difficult to do.

The program, rather, is more about making little changes every day to ensure maximum weight loss, without causing much of an upheaval in the lives of their members.


The presence of positive online reviews is proof of the fact that not all is wrong with the diet program and hence there is no point out-rightly rejecting it.

Instead a lot of the consumer problems are website related and the diet program creators will benefit immensely by fixing the login problems with their website, and by peddling their products a little less, while giving the customers the option to purchase the products instead of billing them by default.

Since the Beyond Diet Program is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme, the positive reviews also have an air of credibility around them since none of the people will be benefitted by more and more people entering the program, or buying the product off them.


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